Garage Door Springs

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There are several parts in a garage door, and while some are visible from the outside, there are more that handle the work from behind the scenes. Garage door springs are one of the latter types of parts.

Garage door springs are responsible for providing the energy the motor needs to lift the door during the opening process. It is not actually the motor itself. The motor simply uses the stored energy of the springs to move along the track, and along the way the door is opened and closed.

There are two major kinds of garage door springs:

  1. Torsion Springs
  2. Extension Springs

Torsion Springs

Torsions Springs bear a lot of pent up energy due to how tightly wound they are during the installation process. Torsion Springs are also the type of spring where things are most likely to wrong in the sense that they could get unwound, or even cracked. Replacing Torsion Springs is an advanced task that should only be performed by a professional, experienced technician. Unless you are extremely confident, you should not attempt to adjust or replace Torsion Springs yourself. There have been several cases of people getting seriously injured because they tried to adjust the tension on these types of springs themselves. It is best to call an Advantage Garage door expert to assist you with this task.

Extension Springs

Extension Springs are most commonly top mounted or left/right mounted based on the position of the tracks. These springs extend and contract to lift and lower the garage door. Though not as difficult to replace as Torsion Springs, there is a considerable danger in replacing these springs if not properly trained and improperly equipped with the right tools. Again, unless you are 100% confident, do not attempt to adjust or replace these springs yourself. Call a certified Advantage Garage Door Technician!

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