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Having a garage door without a garage door opener today is quite passé. Garage door openers are no longer considered items of luxury. In fact, they have become necessities as garage doors have become more and more secure.

The garage door is usually "the" most used door in a home. The choice you make of a reliable and safe garage door is paramount. As new builds and models are stressing more stylistic, and in many cases heavier, garage doors, Garage Door Openers with higer-rated power are used to move them. However, this increases the risk to your safety and adds a significant amount of noise to the motor's processes.

At Advantage Garage Doors, we offer a best of all worlds solution to garage door openers that combines higher DC power motors, quiet semi-enclosed rail operation and digitally controlled power system that improves safety. It is important that you use a safe, reliable, secure, quick cycling and primarily quiet system that does not disturb the neighbors or wake the kids.

When buying a garage door opener, "price and strength" are important factors in deciding what kind of garage door opener to buy. Advantage Garage Door customers enjoy the value, reliability, security, quietness and safety that our garage door openers provide.

Advantage Garage Doors is a certified distributor of some of the most reputable brands in garage door machinery, and can assist you in making the right decision for your home and family. Our certified technicians are standing by to answer your calls now, so pick up the phone and speak with a professional today.

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